January 1, 2017

Aloha members of the Hanalei, Wainiha and Ha’ena communities,

As we begin the new year, I ask that you give thought to joining or renewing your membership in the Hanalei-to-Ha’ena Community Association.

Since its formation in 1988, the Hanalei-to-Ha’ena Community Association has worked to promote the general welfare of the Hanalei, Wainiha and Ha’ena communities. It has organized community discussions on numerous issues, including development in Hanalei Valley, cruise ships in Hanalei Bay, and commercialization of our parks and beaches.  It has organized clean-ups in our parks and along Kuhio Highway. It has sponsored meetings with the police department, civil defense authorities and County Council candidates.  It has led efforts to protect public access along our beaches, stop illegal activities, end helicopter overflights of our neighborhoods, remove the blight of illegal signs along our streets, and shepherd the rehabilitation of the Hanalei Courthouse into a community center. And it has provided testimony on proposed county and state legislation that would impact our communities, including ordinances to strengthen shoreline setback rules and regulate commercial activities in county parks.

2016 was a relatively quiet year, noteworthy for meetings (but no decisions) on plans for Black Pot County Park and Ha’ena State Park, and for the release of the draft of the Kauai General Plan for the next 20 years. 

But 2017 looms large.  Issues that will affect our communities include decision-making on the County’s General Plan, Ha’ena State Park, Black Pot County Park, and State Parks’ proposed bridge over Hanakapiai Stream; beautification and community use of the rehabilitated Hanalei Courthouse; efforts to increase our communities’ disaster preparedness; proposals for addressing traffic congestion and traffic calming on Kuhio Highway; and new plans for resort development along the Hanalei River ridge.

There is much to do.  We need your participation and we need your input on directions and priorities.  Please join with your neighbors to improve our community.

Membership in the Hanalei-Ha’ena Community Association is open to anyone 18 or older who lives or owns property in the Hanalei, Wainiha or Ha’ena area (from Hanalei Plantation Road to Ke’e Beach) or any sole proprietor, partnership or corporation doing business or owning property in that area.  

Membership dues for 2017 are only $5. They entitle you to participate, vote on matters raised at meetings, and (if paid by January 21) vote for new members of the Board of Directors.  A membership application form is attached.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I offer you our best wishes for the new year.

Joel Guy

President, Hanalei-to-Ha’ena Community Association