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Planning Commission Meeting re: "Removing Princeville Phase II Resort Designation from General Plan 2020"

  • Lihue Civic Center, Moikeha Building, Room 2A-2B 4444 Rice Street Lihue, HI, 96766 United States (map)

Worried about the number of visitors on Kauaʻi? Worried about already stressed infrastructure, beaches, & trails? Worried about escalating land taxes and cost of living?

What do you feel about 500+ new luxury resort units on open north shore lands?

Please take five minutes to comment as the Planning Commission considers Removing Princeville Phase II Resort Designation from General Plan 2020.

Area affected shown in pink, between highway and Anini (Wanini & Kalihikai)

Area affected shown in pink, between highway and Anini (Wanini & Kalihikai)

Do you want to see all lands on the ma kai side of the highway between Kalihiwai bridge and Princeville designated agriculture? Do you feel we need more resort units on the north shore?

Here are 3 Ways to share your Manaʻo:

1) Email (or via website) by Wednesday, April 26 4:30 PM.

2) Testify in person, at the planning commission, Tuesday, April 25 9:00 AM

3) OR Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 12:30 PM.

Līhu'e Civic Center, Moikeha Building, Meeting Room 2A-2B 4444 Rice Street, Lihue, Kauai, Hawai'i

Consider WEARING GREEN to support Kauaʻi agriculture & ʻāina!

Please practice Kapu Aloha, conduct yourself with respect and aloha to all.

Numbers count - Even if you donʻt testify, send email, show up & stand up!


Facts and Background to Consider:

These lands are between Princeville airport and the main entry to Princeville, stretching from the highway to the bluffs above Anini (Wanini & Kalihikai). Current resort designation includes the Prince golf course and land surrounding the old club-house.

This resort designation, issued via County General Plan Amendment in August 1983, has not been used for over thirty years. In 1983 there were far fewer time-shares or vacation rentals, no Westin and the now St. Regis was still being built.

1200 not yet built resort units within and adjoining Princeville Phase I are already zoned (200 have permits). Keeping Princeville Phase II lands designated resort on the maps, opens the door for another 500 units in an new & undeveloped area above Anini.

In earlier 2020 General Plan drafts, the planning department recommended removing resort land use from this area. The current draft includes the resort designation on north shore maps. Removing resort designation would not preclude a luxury ag. subdivision on these lands.

These lands provide expansive views of the ocean from the highway.
They are high quality ranch land recognized as important for achieving food self-sufficiency on Kauaʻi through production of local beef.

These lands are located along Anini stream. This important stream, once abundant with oʻopu, already faces polluted run off from the dump and golf course (begun in 1981). Current designation could surround the stream with parking lots and condos.

Aniniʻs once thriving reef was blanketed with limu and home to over 65 species of marine life consumed by area ʻohana into the 1970s. The reef and streamʻs current degraded state have been linked to erosion and land-based pollution.

The stateʻs urban designation of the same area, issued in 1984, was incremental and reliant upon a number of conditions that have not been fulfilled, leaving outstanding legal questions about the current state level zoning of the land.

A key argument justifying resort designation in the 1980s, particularly for the club-house and golf course, was that both were necessary to satisfy demand from Princeville residents, visitors and the public. Neither facility has been open for over two years.

A 2014 proposal by Discovery Lands to develop 180 condo units and 100 luxury homes in the area met with community oppostiion. That 2014 proposal included nearly 300 exclusive luxury units priced $1.5-15 million, for members paying $150,00/year in dues, along with a lodge, surf club, bar and private boat ramp at Anini. Under present resort designation, this parcel and the entire north shore are vulnerable to new plans by landowners, global investors, and hyper-wealthy individuals looking to make Kauaʻi their exclusive playground.


Be PROACTIVE! Share your manaʻo & shape your grand-childrenʻs future today! Wanini and Kalihikai Today. Note proximity to river valley and Anini beach park.

The Future? Map & wording from most recent development proposal for these lands, showing potential build-out under resort designation.

The Future? Map & wording from most recent development proposal for these lands, showing potential build-out under resort designation.


Note: Source of above figure is map and wording from Discovery Lands Brochure for The Club at Hanalei, the most recent development proposal for these lands. Discovery Lands is the Developer of Kūkiʻo Resort on the island of Hawaiʻi and Makena on Maui. The Discovery Lands Hanalei Club project is one example of the type of future these vulnerable and vital open lands face if they continue to be designated resort on general plan maps.

Relevant text from 2020 general plan (current draft): ( website)

H. Resort
The impact of visitor industry expansion, Page 2-87

“Kaua‘i’s visitor inventory could expand by 3,000 units, considering the amount of “pipeline” projects which have received their final discretionary permit. Given that each unit supports an average of two or three visitors, construction of these units would expand ADVC (average daily visitor count) by several thousand. Although the County’s projections do not foresee a drastic expansion of the visitor population over the long term, many are concerned about the impact of such an increase on Kaua'i’s already burdened infrastructure. Possibly compounding the potential problem are hundreds of acres of resort-designated land without entitlements, which have the potential to further expand the inventory. There was strong support to eliminate this potential in order to first absorb and manage impact from existing “pipeline” projects. The resulting policy is not in favor of expanding Visitor Destination Areas (VDA’s), even if such action was recommended in a previous plan. Another measure taken is removing General Plan Resort designations on non-entitled areas. Kaua‘i’s VDA’s are shown on Figure 2-10. Resort designations are described in Chapter 4, and Land Use Maps in Chapter 5.”

Chapter 4, Future Land Use, 4.4.6 North Shore

Princeville, page 4-53
Develop new resorts at an appropriate, small-footprint scale to match the rural “surroundings.”
Suggested Change: No new resorts will be allowed in order to match the rural surroundings and character of the area.

Other Land Use Changes, page 4-50

“The Resort designation over the plateau makai of the Prince Golf Club remains, yet limited to an immediate window to seek resort-related zoning approvals pursuant to in Actions by Sector VI Economy Section 1 Permitting Actions.”



Chapter 5-2, Land Use Maps, page 5-8

Chapter 5-2, Land Use Maps, page 5-8

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